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Vincent Luis and Georgia Taylor-Brown delivered magnificent performances under testing conditions in Hamburg and their humility in recognising their competitors who were unable to compete once more showed our sport at its very best. All through this upheaval, the athletes have of course been at the centre of our organisation's decision-making, and it was timely that the Executive Board has had one more athlete's voice on it to be heard since January. My sincere thanks go to all of the Executive Board for their dedication and in-depth discussions as we met weekly to keep on top of everything the year threw at us and plot the course back to the blue carpet as quickly and safely as possible. The Development team saw many of its courses switch to the virtual world in 2020, and the innovation in the way that these courses were held has in some cases even allowed us to extend our reach around the world. The series of eight webinars in English and Spanish has been very well attended and, in particular, the new Mentoring Programme has proved to be a huge success as we continue to discover ever more talented women and developing triathlon nation coaches and facilitators. Another important document to come out of 2020, the World Triathlon Sustainability Guidelines for Event Organisers, form the backbone of our efforts to reduce the organisation's carbon footprint. Among the key elements it contains is a certification system that will allow LOCs to be recognised for their efforts to host the most sustainable events possible and will become part of the evaluation for future bids to host World Triathlon events as we all take greater responsibility in the impact we are having on our planet. So, yes, this has been an incredibly challenging year for us all, but it has been an opportunity to show that our sport and our organisation are ready to tackle such challenges and to come back event stronger. It is a source of immense pride to see the mutual support, resilience and determination that the entire triathlon family has shown throughout 2020, and let us all continue that effort to help make 2021 a year to remember for all the right reasons. Yours in sport, Marisol Casado World Triathlon President 4 contents

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